Our God is Holy..part 3

Pastor Ralph Byma

Our God is Holy..part 3

  1. The Upward Look: Heaven reverberates with exaltations, expressing the Holiness of God. He is pure, blameless, perfect in every way.
  2. The Inward Look: When we look at ourselves inwardly and truthfully, we are aware that we all fall so short in comparison. We are separated by sin. Sin matters to God. It opposed His nature and condemns us.  Yet He had a plan to save us by sending Jesus to take our sins upon himself so that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ.  In Christ my sins are forgiven. We are no longer separated from God.
  3. The Outward Look: Out of the realization of what God has done for me, there is a willingness and purpose for us to live for Christ. To live a life that reaches out to others and shares what God has done for us.


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