Jesus is taking us on a ‘change’ journey. Leaving the familiar.

Rudy Essegern

Jesus is taking us on a ‘change’ journey. Leaving the familiar.

When we leave the familiar, we can have a sense of loss, of value and even question our identity.

Don’t let your feelings misinterpret what is happening. The Spirit of God is always with us even as we go through changes.

Times come that God will move his people forward, calling them out of previous way into a new place where He has blessings prepared for them. See Deuteronomy 11:8-17. Here God commands His people to obey His commands so that they will have strength to leave the land that the people had to work to irrigate. Unless the people worked to irrigate the land, it would not be productive. Now they were instructed to cross the Jordan to possess the land that was promised to their ancestors. This promised land was a land  flowing with milk and honey. God provided them rainfall in it’s seasons so that the fields would provide crops and grass for their cattle.

As we move into unfamiliar changes, we can be confident and draw our supplies from God’s new sources as we depend on Him.


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