Communion – Finding Perspective

Pastor Ralph Byma

Communion – Finding Perspective

1 – we look into the past – the foundational perspective. Remembering what Jesus has done for each of us. We see the Father’s love in action and see His redemption so that we are enabled to walk in the fullness of life, forgiven, free, healed of every brokenness in our lives.  We are complete in Jesus. He is our living hope.

2- examine yourself within – which is your internal perspective. Is it in line with our foundational perspective? Receive by faith, God’s acceptance. Reinforce our faith by repentance, bringing our internal perspective in line with our foundational perspective. Choose to trust Jesus. The old is passed away. You are a new creation.

3- Communion invites us to look forward, with eternal perspective. We are God’s children.  Because of Jesus, we have an eternal home and are complete in Him.

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