Looking Ahead – A New Season of Ministry

Looking Ahead – A New Season of Ministry

Today Pastor Andrew Masters shares the vision of a new season of ministry at Grand Valley. We are rebranding – with a new name, Grand Valley Church, logo, website, online presence. We are planning for a healthy multigenerational church with services here and online. We want to repair, refresh our facility in preparation for growth and to share Jesus with all generations.

We purpose to be practical and effective in serving the community and each other in unity and love.

Pastor Ralph Byma shared how God is taking us to a new place as we come together, stand together, work and serve together.

We need to build for our future post Covid budget and we have developed a Covid Relief Fund (CRF) of $75,000. and encourage people to Pray, Participate and Give.

There is so much more….enjoy todays broadcast.

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