Discipleship Track

To keep on following Jesus, we should grow in our faith, “just as you were taught” (Colossians 2:7). The GVCC Discipleship Track is designed to strengthen the roots of people who are growing in faith and help you mature into a strong, healthy follower of Jesus.

Students can start any time with one of the three 8-week modules:

  • Deep Roots – God, the Bible, salvation and what we believe.
  • Living in God’s Family – The church: what it means and where you fit in.
  • Overflowing Life – Becoming more like Jesus through the fruits and gifts of the Spirit.

Classes are presented in an investigative format with lots of opportunities to ask questions and dig deeper into issues that interest you. Each module includes classroom teaching, group interaction and a self-study workbook.

Students completing the three foundations modules can continue their training through GVCC’s International School of Ministry, leading to a diploma or Bachelor’s degree.

To learn more about your path to discipleship and ministry training, contact us.