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denise deschamps

Roger and Denise Deschamps founded Tender Loving Care Children Ministries June 1, 1992. The primary purpose of TLCCM continues to be bringing the gospel message to children. In Tijuana and Rosarito, TLCCM is the only Christian ministry reaching out to children through the local church. TLCCM freely provides all spiritual material needed by three churches in Tijuana and Rosarito. Nutritional food both in the natural and in the spiritual are essential if the children are to follow Jesus, learn at school and stay healthy.

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Robert & Paulette McNeal

Education – Central & East Africa
Bob and Paulette have several programs in operation to meet needs for Bible teaching in East Africa. They founded Bukuria Bible College in southwestern Kenya in 1993, where they currently both teach and Bob serves as principal. The school trains leaders and pastors of several denominations and tribes. They have raised up several other local teachers to help with the work.
They have implemented the International School of Ministry (ISOM) course in several area locations, as well as teaching at a Bible College in Kampala , Uganda, and also work with four of their graduates in Mwanza, Tanzania, in conjunction with a Christian school/Bible school which one of the graduates started. Caring for orphans and water well projects are among their other involvements.

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Siegfried & Joy Feser

Leadership Training/Media Production – Central & East Africa
Sig and Joy have ministered in East Africa for 24 years and have established Pamoja Ministries with a mandate of Discipling Cultures through Media. Overall they work to represent and build the beauty and strength of Africa. They have ministered to tens of thousands of leaders through partnerships with both World MAP literature and the International School of Ministry (ISOM) DVD-based local training. Their ministry also includes in-house production of music CDs, animated videos, puppet videos, and a full-feature musical movie. They produced a photo book with testimonies from a group of Maasai with whom they tour in North America, helping them to raise funds to build a school in their community. In conjunction with World Vision they are now developing a faith-based Financial Literacy Program using cartooning and animation.

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Philip & Starlene Harman

The Harmans are training African missionaries to reach unreached people groups in Kenya and around the world. They do this through a School of Missions in Nairobi and traveling out in member care for their graduates in the field.

pregnancy resource logo

Pregnancy and Resource Centre

You’re pregnant. You can’t believe this is happening to you. The Pregnancy and Resource center helps people find their way through crisis, helping them understand their options so they can make a well-informed decision.

brantford blessing centre logo

Brantford Blessing Centre

The Brantford Blessing Centre began in 1982 under the umbrella of Operation Blessing, an interdenominational ministry that provided aid to the poor and marginalized peoples of various cities, including Brantford. The Brantford Blessing Centre continues this mandate of serving the poor and underprivileged in our community.

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Living Rock Ministries

Living Rock supports youth ages 13-25 who are at-risk of falling through the cracks in our community. Living Rock is responding to youth with a variety of risk factors such as poverty, mental illness, addictions and the disenfranchised. Living Rock aims to alleviate the effects of poverty and to provide opportunities for youth to move beyond their circumstances.

Living Rock seeks to engage youth where they are at, through meal programs, food bank and through safe and relevant social recreational programming. Living Rock also provides pre-natal and
post-natal care, housing, one to one and crisis support.

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