When God Initiates Transition- Joshua Chapt 1-4

Pastor Ralph Byma

When God Initiates Transition- Joshua Chapt 1-4

Transition is change. Covid has changed the way we do everything – the way we socialize, shop, fellowship. Change is one of the most feared things people encounter.

Israel was facing transition. They were coming out the the dessert into a fruitful land where they would be able to access new and exciting things. Much of what had been familiar for them was about to change and was both exciting and stressful for them.

When God initiates transition we have these absolutes:

  1. His presence
  2. His power
  3. His purpose

In transition things feel unfamiliar and there is a need to do things differently. We are to remember that God is with us and positioning us so that we can access and accomplish the things that we cannot do without making changes. Transition is an invitation to be renewed and grow together, and that requires cooperation and action on our part.

God’s Word will train us how to be successful. When we are filled with His Word, we carry His presence wherever we go.

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