The Red Sea – The Journey into Freedom

Pastor Ralph Byma

The Red Sea – The Journey into Freedom

Exodus 14: 1-19

The children of Israel were finally set free. They left their slavery in Egypt and marched out with boldness. Their oppression and servitude was finally ended.

The Lord went ahead of them, a Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire by night. He was always present. He never left His place or abandoned them.

When the children of Israel came up against the sea before them and the Pharaoh’s army behind them they were trapped. With nowhere to go, the Red Sea confronted what was inside of them. They lost their confidence. They were terrified and accused Moses of bringing them out of Egypt to die. They cried out that it would be better for them to be left in Egypt to remain in slavery.  This was the cry of an unsurrendered heart that wanted to remain in the security of slavery rather than risk the unknown of freedom.

True freedom means having an uncompromising faith in God.  No matter how dark our circumstances seems, God will lead us through.

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