Sharing Common Vision – Philippians 2:19-24

Deb Reid

Sharing Common Vision – Philippians 2:19-24

The apostle Paul knew his limitations…he could only be in one place at a time. He needed someone that he could trust. Someone who knew him and who put the Word of God first. That person was Timothy.  Timothy had the heart and willingness to do what needed to be done.

Paul’s vision for the leaders and the people was too big to carry alone. Timothy saw things as Paul did and was willing to take part in the vision. They shared aspiration and ownership and were credible leaders who could be trusted.

Everything starts with vision. Change starts with vision. Shared team vision incites communication and teamwork. Transition is an invitation to renewed co-operation. It’s an invitation to participate together and to grow together.

GVCC’s vision is to connect, grow and serve under Jesus. To know Him and to make Him Known. To serve each other and our community.

To do this we need to embrace God’s vision. We need to die to our own agenda in order to go forward with God’s vision. We need to keep our eyes on the prize and visualize the end result.

We can overcome any obstacle if we keep our eyes on Jesus.

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