Living in the Flow

Pastor Ralph Byma

Living in the Flow

Those who believe in God receive from the “River of Life”. The love and goodness of God never stops flowing. We can’t contain the river – it’s unstoppable and new every moment. We carry this “River of Life” everywhere we go and it flows through us as our life touches others. We are carriers of the Kingdom of God.

Wherever we go, there is an opportunity to reach others through the course of our daily lives.

To ‘Live in the Flow” means to:

  1. Thirst  – for God. To continually drink from the well of salvation.
  2. Believe – to be fully convinced that Jesus is God incarnate. That He is the promised Messiah who paid the penalty for our sin. To believe that He rose from the dead and is seated at the right hand of God with all power and authority and is coming again.
  3.  The Result – the “River of Living Water” will flow, unstoppable and un-containable, to you and through you.

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