Living in the Flow Pt.2 Facing the Unexpected

Pastor Ralph Byma

Living in the Flow Pt.2 Facing the Unexpected

What do you do when ‘stuff happens’ and things go against you?  Do you realize that you can live ‘ in the flow’ when the unexpected happens?

After Jesus was baptized He was lead into the dessert by the Holy Spirit and was tempted 40 days and nights by the devil and yet instead of being broken and defeated, He came out with power. How?  The Holy Spirit never left Jesus.

When we face the unexpected remember:

1.  Understand that the Holy Spirit is with you when the unexpected happens. He will never leave you. Your wilderness experience is not forever.

2. Remember that your relationship with God and your identity in Christ does NOT change. You are still His child. Your relationship does not change with your circumstances. He loves you.

3. Apply the truth of God’s Word to your situation. Don’t argue with the enemy. Instead respond with God’s Word.  Know what is written in God’s Word and use it! Stand on it!  You will come through your wilderness experience in power.

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