Freedom pt 4 – God’s Word Revives My Soul

Pastor Ralph Byma

Freedom pt 4 – God’s Word Revives My Soul

How do we follow Jesus if we don’t read His Word and apply it to our lives?

God’s Word is key to our lives. It is His message to us so we can know Him in a direct and real way. God speaks to us as we meditate on His Word, by taking time to think on it, to listen to the Holy Spirit and applying it to our lives.

In God’s Word we have victory, health, freedom and guidance. His Word is more powerful than a 2 edged sword. We are armed for battle and able to foil every attack of the enemy.

God’s Word is powerful and always active, alive, setting people free.

Let there be a hunger for God’s Word, a revival in our souls and in our country.

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