Deb Reid – Whose side are you on?

Deb Reid – Whose side are you on?

God has a reason for the things that we go through. Ultimately it’s to bring us closer to Him. He never gives up on us and always provides a way through our darkest hours.

At the  beginning of 2019 New Year, the test came. I was getting older. I would be retiring later in the year.  I found myself closed down and oppressed, facing a deep muddy darkness.

This affected everything in my life. I questioned my value and identity….

One thought on “Deb Reid – Whose side are you on?

  1. Jessica says:

    This sermon is so powerful! God lead me to it this morning and I’m so glad that He did. I’ll be reading my bible today, praising the Lord and asking Him to just be in my heart today as I lift Him up and listen to Him. Thank you

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