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Grand Valley Christian Centre welcomes any donations to further the work of the church within the community.

Any person or organization making donations totaling over $20.00 in a calendar year, will receive a receipt for income tax deduction purposes early in the new year. However if you are paying to attend an event this does not apply.

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Donations may be sent through your on-line banking web site as follows:

a) Log into your personal online internet banking web site and select “Transfers”. Under transfers select “Interac Email Money Transfer” and select “Maintain Recipient List”.

b) When you are asked for the Recipient Name and Email Address insert: Grand Valley Christian Centre and the email address admin@grandvalley.on.ca . When you are asked to insert a security question, make up a question with a one word answer and indicate the answer in the space provided. You will need to email us separately at admin@grandvalley.on.ca to advise us the answer to your question, so we can receive your funds. If the funds is a payment for an event at Grand Valley Christian Centre please make a note in the comment box within your email transfer.

c) Next select “Send Money” and your bank will walk you through the procedure to send your donation to your preloaded recipient.

This method of making donations is safe & easy and 100% of your donation comes to Grand Valley Christian Centre. You receive an acknowledgment from your bank when the transfer is complete and the donation has been received. As with all donations to Grand Valley Christian Centre, you will receive a receipt for Income Tax purposes early in the new year.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Larry Jones, our administrator at admin@grandvalley.on.ca

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